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DOSSIER: Sorcerer Freelancer
RANK: Singer



Amelié Gentilesci






Port Victory, South Thibudis


June 14th, 420 AR


+ For now: Welcome to my Fanclub's Night!



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There are only a few things that never really change about Amelié. One: She is 5'6". Two: She weighs about 145 lbs (ok so that could change maybe). Three: She has sparkling blue eyes that instantly grab someones attention when she looks at you. There is a sort of intensity to them that you can't help but notice. When she speaks to you, she generally gives her full attention. Four: Her hair is always long. Five: Her voice is clear, confident, and powerful. It is another thing that can be captivating about her. If she has to start giving out orders, you know she means business. Normally she just sounds like a sweet girl. Other than that... Amelié is a being of free-spirit.

Thanks to her abilities via the Ancestors, her hair will shift colors when she wills it from its usual blonde/strawberry blonde color. Sometimes its blue, purple, white, black.... Basically any color that you could choose. Her wardrobe is also a thing that is subject to change since it really can depend on her mood. She has plenty of clothes, and thus plenty of choices for various occasions. A guarantee, however, is that it'll be stylish on her and possibly show off her curves. She knows that she's a pretty girl (and she isn't so hesitant to show it off). She also wears a distinctive pair of earrings all the time for they are precious to her.


A microphone is her weapon of choice if she can get away with it.


A spear is her second choice.



She's a changling with her hair. In a general sense, she can change her appearance slightly at the moment.


+ Singing
+ Dancing
+ Taking control of a situation
+ Not revealing everything in a situation ^_~


+ She feels as if she has to prove herself upon occasion.
+ She hates feeling useless.
+ She actually hates fighting.
+ She is too often self-conscious about herself.


Amelié is a more of a pacifist by nature, but she does know how to fight if she absolutely has to. If she doesn't have a spear on hand, she will mostly try to dodge and get away from her attacker if possible. She might make a few quick kicks or some such if she feel it will actually DO anything to help her in whatever situation she finds herself in. Otherwise she will try to find something in her surroundings to delay her attacker with, or use as some kind of makeshift weapon (in her case things like brooms, long sticks, etc).

When she has her spear, however, the inner warrior comes out. She is quick, agile, and unrelenting. Her reflexes allow her to react with haste with either a spin of her spear, a deflection with the shaft, or maybe a parry via the tip. By an instructors standards, she has excellent form. She does possess great upper body strength for she can manage to bend a bamboo shaft when she is training. As long as she some kind of poled weapon, she can deal some serious damage, she is just the best at the spear. A glave would be a fantastic stand-in.


Words can only go so far when it comes to describing a person, but they shall try to do Amelié Gentilesci justice. She is a woman of strength, integrity, and beauty. She will refuse to back down from a fight should she be challenged unless she knows it to be wiser to avoid the confrontation. She possess the womanly grace that many men may find attractive, and she knows how to use her womanly wiles if she needs to get her way (or if she's just bored. Not that she likes to play with hearts mind you! Though some teasing never hurt anyone). She is quite mature given her age, though her youthful nature does come out to play.

For example, she may pester in jest until someone will give in and take a day to walk her around a city should she find them interesting enough. She giggles at silly things, funny things, witty things. She cares about her appearance, and yet she won't if there is not time to worry about such frivolous things or some such. If she can help it though? She wants to look pretty, what kind of girl wouldn't? In that sense, there is an unshakeable self-confidence to her that fuels and drives her forward. She is who she is today because she worked hard to get here, and because of a special few who offered her support and aid when she needed it. If she decides that she likes you, she may decide to aid you in subtle or slight fashions. However, she must be sure that you can take that step yourself and not need to be taken by the hand and shown how to do everything. Nobody likes a complete child. She holds no respect for people that utterly depend on a person (unless she can understand the situation).

Then there is the complex issue of war. To her, war is an ugly thing rife with sadness, death, and just overall bad. But like hell will she be unprepared to deal with it. The resolve that has fueled her in her career also fuels her should she need to steel herself for a combat situation. She will take up arms if no one else will and fight to death even if she might be terrified. As a rule of thumb, she tries her best not to show any kind of weakness to anyone and always tries to appear the self-confident Amelié that people know and love. After all, she didn't follow her rebellious streak for nothing! She followed it in order to pursue the thing she was most passionate about. That is another thing that is notable about her. If she feels strongly about something, she doesn't hold back when pursuing it.


Ones familial history is not something that always defines them. Amelié made a point of breaking that chain of thinking. She is the daughter of a prominent General who retired to Port Victory once his wife began to take ill. She bore their daughter with some difficulty, and managed to survive the birth though she was in the hospital for a while afterwards. When General Arturius Gentilesci found out he was to have a daughter, he was both thrilled and disappointed. He had hoped for a son to carry on the family line, but was gifted with a daughter instead. The reason he was thrilled to have her was because of the frail nature of his wife whom had been a nurse that had served with his regiment before.

Despite his initial misgivings about having a daughter, those were soon broken as his daughter grew and grew. She was quick to learn and perceive things, speaking her first words a bit earlier than other children her age. It was then that he decided he would try to raise her with the strength of a soldier while maintaining the precious frailty of a girl. It was what her mother wanted, and he loved his wife dearly. So she was a child that learned ballet, and minor combat forms. She played the flute, and learned how to stab with a spear. She learned the etiquette of a lady of the upper class combined with the strictness of a soldier. At first it was fun to her, like a game of some sort. People seemed to adore her, charmed by her acceptance to learn and how quickly she took to her different subjects. She had to admit, the attention was rather nice! Though her father wouldn't let it go to her head, drilling her that a puffed up peacock wouldn't survive in the world. It was something she learned quite well since she did notice how some of her fellow students didn't seem to like her for it. Once she toned it down and kept her pleasure more to herself, they seemed to open up more.

But then she discovered singing. She had joined her high schools chorale group and was soon one of their shining stars. Her father had already begun to hint at her joining the military, but now she wanted to pursue something else. She wanted to be a singer. No, correction, she wanted to be the best singer there was! Her mother had to remain in the hospital constantly for the past several years, growing weaker and weaker with each passing month. Yet she supported her daughter's dream when Amelié told her during one particular visit. She always visited her mother after school. Her father, on the other hand, was less than thrilled to hear of her plans. It was a wrench that had been thrown into his ideas for the future and well... he kind of went into a rage. They had thankfully been at home at the time, but it was still devastating to her. She hadn't cried so hard in her room before.

The words sank in overnight and she didn't bring up the subject again. Her father had told her that if she wanted to become a singer, he would disown her and she would have no home to return to. So Amelié fell quiet and did as he bade her to, learning how to fight better and better with her spear as time went on. She still sang in the chorale, he at least permitted her that, but it wasn't as fulfilling as it had been before. It was hollow, like a shade to remind her of what had been denied from her. It wasn't until she told her mother a couple of weeks later what had transpired between her and father since her mother could clearly tell something was eating away at her. It was her mother who told her to go and grasp that dream no matter who told her she couldn't, or shouldn't. "But what of father?" Amelié asked her mother. "Don't tell him." Was her simple reply with a sly smile upon her weathered face.

So that was what she did. Amelié spoke to their chorale teacher and began to take private lessons, using money that she claimed went towards some other kind of lesson when her father asked. Then she went to auditions, writing and singing when and where she could. Sometimes she went to open mic nights doing covers, other times she managed to get small gigs with local bands who needed a singer for the evening or something. It took some time, but by the time she was about to graduate from High School, she was scouted. A call had finally come back. She was so excited she ran all the way to the hospital to tell her mother the good news only.... When she got there, the room was empty. Confused, she asked the nurses if she had gotten the right room and they looked at each other, before turning to her sadly. "I'm sorry but she died about an hour and a half ago or so. She's already been taken down to the embalmer for preparations for her funeral." "...What? Sh-She's..." Amelié couldn't believe her ears at the news, instead staring at the empty room with its empty bed. She hadn't even been told that her mother had died. Her happiest day, had become her saddest. She had never seen her father so broken before that day. They ate dinner in relative silence.

During the funeral, she asked the priest if it would be alright for her to sing a song for her mother, and he gave her the go ahead. So she did. It was a sunny day, a beautiful day, one of those days that her mother would have loved. She sang as she had never sung before, tears running down her cheeks, and she could feel something stir within her. It was as if a being had answered, or reacted to her singing. As she began to realize it was an ancestor answering her, her hair began to shimmer with a spectrum of colors like a liquid opal. It drew the attention of all those that were there, and though startled, she didn't stop singing. It was as if her hair had come alive, glittering with the light of life. It was like the Ancestors told her that was what she should do. And her father understood that too. After they had arrived home, he asked her if she was still interested in becoming a singer. She told him the good news she hadn't been able to tell her mother, and how she had been going behind his back to do it. He stared at her silently for a few moments, then merely nodded slowly. "Do as you will. Just promise me you will never lose what we have taught you." He told her tiredly with a wave of a hand, sitting down to his drink then.

So she pursued her career with a fierce passion, as if she were a woman possessed. And it flourished with the brilliance of a rising star. She was soon known throughout the different cities, and she had a fan-base that was rapidly growing. Despite it all, her father was proud of her.



~ Rainbow ~ 1
Amelié's singing draws the attention of Ancestors and it channels into her appearance. Right now, she focuses it into her flowing hair in order to change the color for the most part though she can create a kind of shimmering effect if she gains a lot of power.


~ Flash Bomb ~ 1
With a powerful surge of energy from the Ancestors, Amelié can cause her hair to become a blinding focal point of light in order to distract/disable her opponents temporarily. In essence, it's like a flash bomb that goes off, but is her hair. They can't really see after staring at it. She has to have her eyes closed otherwise this could also affect her slightly, given her bangs close proximity to her eyes. The brilliant light lasts about fifteen seconds or so before going out.



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