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Post  Opal Hutchinson on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:48 am

DOSSIER: Opal Hutchinson's Equipment


- Thanatos
- Zelus
- Kratos
- Deimos
- Phobos
- Erebus
- Nemesis
- Rubicante


- A prosthetic arm which can be chambered and fitted with rounds, blades, etc.
- A steam-powered scoped hunting rifle.
- A gear-driven extendible rapier.
- A semi-automatic five-round pistol.
- A pepperbox-headed sword-cane.
- A long-barrelled golden revolver.
- A shorter, brother revolver to Erebus.
- A Peninsula horse.



- Thanatos is a stalwart companion, and is the latest of the custom models Opal has had fitted as a prosthetic left arm. As well as being stylish, seamless, and rather expensive, it's pneumatically-powered, and this particular model has been fitted for about five years - modifications and routine maintenance upgrades have obviously been made, but the base model hasn't been changed.

Thanatos itself has extendable claws from the open-topped fingertips which can be flicked forwards by rapidly outstretching the hand. These are fashioned of sharpened bronze, and function mainly for either grappling or surprise slashing. They're deadly sharp, but several spring-loaded blades are integrated into the wrist, each of varying length and tied to a different limit of outstretching and hand movement that Opal has specialised.

As well as this, on the palm, there's a small panel which can actually flip open of its own accord. This panel itself is a multi-purpose rifled barrel; further along the wrist, there's a small chamber-slot on the side of it, where a ten-round box magazine can be loaded in; by flicking his wrist in a distinctive movement, these rounds (which can vary vastly in purpose or use, Opal is known to carry disposable clips filled with hollow points and rubber rounds also) can be launched from the slat on the front of his hand in a semi-automatic fashion.

The arm itself is lightweight and strong, made of experimental alloys which can deflect most low-caliber rounds.

- Zelus is a steam-powered hunting rifle with an optical scope attached. It has a five-round capacity, and is lever-action, requiring each fresh round to be loaded into the side, ejecting each fired casing when the lever is pumped. It's got a range of around 500-600m, making it optimum for medium-long range combat. It's modelled specifically for Opal, and is as such kinda heavy and has recoil comparable to a mule's kick.

It fires high-caliber .300 rounds and Opal's accuracy with it is kinda scary.

- At first glance, Kratos merely appears to be the hilt of a blade with a few gears attached, integrating into the crossguard. Press down a button, and a deadly-sharp three foot blade swiftly extends, made of a specialised and lightweight alloy; it's useful for surprise attacks, especially with the extending functionality, and has slit many a throat in Opal's time as an Ascendant.

The rapier itself is deadly thin, and generally lies at the small of Opal's back. He wields it with stunning accuracy, often choosing to hold it in reverse grip, and due to its sharp point, length, and incredible durability, he's renowned for cutting bloody swaths through crowds with it for true shock value - Opal truly can send a message.

- Deimos is a five-round semi-automatic pistol, firing 9mm rounds and housing an internal steam-power mechanism. It propels these rounds at a frightening rate and velocity, and they don't seem to lose it over distance; simple enough and customised personally, it's more or less a stock model which has renowned durability and finds its place at Opal's hip, more often than not.

- Phobos is a cane concealing within it a rapier-thin blade, using the exterior as a sheath if nothing else. This itself is a total contingency, and is hardly used unless Opal's backed into extreme circumstances or is forced to utilise the element of surprise. Alongside this, atop the cane's head is a six-barrelled miniature pepperbox mechanism, perfect for surprise shots and decking someone in an instant. This can only be activated by pulling the crank out of lock and forcing it inwards, meaning it pretty much can't be triggered accidentally.

- Erebus is a long-barreled five-round revolver, firing the equivalent of massive .500 rounds from its cylinder. Propelling them at devastating speeds, it's a heavy, cumbersome thing, but Opal wields it generally in his left hand with ease, and aim unparalleled by any other Syndicate gunman. It's mainly functional at close to medium range, and is always drawn with Opal's secondary off-hand pistol, Nemesis. Also works nicely for pistolwhipping and near-lethal barrel-clubbing.

- Nemesis is the brother revolver to Erebus, with a shorter barrel, although still ornate, engraved, adorned, and coloured golden. He normally wields it in his right hand, and launches .44 rounds from it, with a six-shot cylinder. Once more, he possesses aim unparalleled by any other with it, but Nemesis trades off range and stopping power for speed.

- Rubicante is the one beast Opal would brand as a friend. The pair have been tied together for around five years now, and Opal's a master of mounted combat aboard him. A musty brick-red sheen, Rubicante is a Peninsula horse, expensive and unparalleled, showing power, status, and, above all else, wealth. Opal claims that his speed and strength is unmatched, and consistently treats the horse fairly. Rubicante's saddled with the finest leathers, and supposedly named after an ancient mythological Peninsula legend - a hero, powerful and elegant. Reflecting both Opal, and his magnificent steed - a beast that should be chanted about.


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- Extended Magazines (Thanatos) - Thanatos can actually have up to thirty rounds fed in through an extended magazine, which simply juts out at an awkward angle and can cause the prosthetic's functionality to degrade at a much faster rate due to various ignored incompatibilities and working at below optimum settings. It can also overheat and cause extreme discomfort, but gives a fully-automatic firing use some real meaning when it comes to application.

- Eagle Eye (Zelus) - Grasping Zelus, whilst looking down that scope, Opal's accuracy at spotting targets is inhuman. The range of the rifle is approximately 600m, and Opal can use it absolutely and completely to that extent, being able to take out targets from over a half-kilometre away without any form of magical catalyst or enhancement - true prowess.

- Shadow Strike (Kratos) - Holding Kratos, whilst collapsed, to someone's back, and then hitting the extend button, is often one of Opal's preferred methods of dispatch. Takes care of them quickly enough, and is rather stylish; often, too, they don't see you coming. There are other ways, but there's nothing like a good old traditional assassination - it is how the man got started, after all.

- Steam Burst (Deimos) - Firing Deimos too many times in quick succession may cause a steam discharge release from the weapon's tube-laden barrel. This can be harnessed and used as an additional function, spraying anyone nearby with scalding hot steam and possibly distorting or disfiguring them due to the vapour's heat.

- Rapid Fire (Erebus/Nemesis) - Due to the necessity of sometimes wielding both revolvers, and Opal's trained trigger fingers, he's been known to before exhaust all eleven rounds in a matter of seconds due to his thumbs being placed firmly on the revolvers' hammers.
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Post  Elisa Castillo on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:16 am


Just remember that your weapons are ineffective against Owlcamels and Monkey Bees.

Other than that, things seem about fine. Don't make me regret it.
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