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Post  Opal Hutchinson on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:47 am

Alright. Listen up. There are, as of this moment, five staff members on this site. Their word is more or less site-wide law, and the hierarchy is simple. Mods and admins can both do the same things, but mods are generally flexible to change, whereas admin positions are fixed and more or less permanent. As well as this, mods report to admins in times of crisis or other forms of stress.

Each admin and mod has the same duty: the mods especially are meant to ensure that all apps are either in the process of approval or approved, moving topics, archiving topics, bumping topics, etc... and ensure that generally the sites run clean as a whistle. You are not to argue with them if they ask something of you. Their word is law and only trumped by mine or Izzy's.

A mod is required to be active, dedicated, and loyal.


Admin Elite - Ross

Character list: Opal Hutchinson (admin account), Prophet Irassos

Description: Generally the head honcho. Everyone reports back to me at the end of the day, I make all major plot-based developments, and I'm the site's proprietor and owner.

Admin - Izzy

Character list: Elisa Castillo (admin account)

Description: More or less holds the same authority as me, but is trusted to ensure that I'm fair, logical, and level-headed. Serves as a mediator and general standard-bearer and enforcer.

Mod - Jay

Character list: Alicon Savat (mod account)

Description: One of the elite mod super-team. Basically tasked with menial duties such as administrative stuff, moving apps, approving them, etc, as well as trusted to mediate. Serves as a figure of authority and generally is a major voice when it comes to running the site.

Mod - Chou

Character list: Hazelle Mae Schultze (mod account)

Description: One of the original A&A members and a good, close friend of mine. Is to be respected and consulted on all artistic and creative direction, as well as any matters regarding the RP's history and various spin-offs. Alongside her general mod duties and privileges.

Co-Ordinator - Sponge

Character list: Rodrigo Salazar (co-ordinator account), Bones

Description: Whilst not obligated/authorised to approve applications, move topics, etc, the co-ordinator mainly assists in managing the site's lore and acting as a general sentinel when no-one else is around. He's a voice to be respected amongst the community, and has mod powers in the cbox.

Mods, admins, and co-ordinators are to be treated with respect. Punishments will range from slaps on the wrist and general warnings to suspension and eventually banning. We're helpful, and here to assist; don't spit in our faces. We don't like it, and some of us have a shorter fuse than you'd think. If a mod asks you to do something, please comply.
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