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Universal RPing Rules Empty Universal RPing Rules

Post  Opal Hutchinson on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:53 am

1) No godmodding. Powerplaying, autohitting, whatever you want to call it. This includes bunnying. If I see this, you'll get a warning, followed by a suspension from all RPing. A disregard for others' will to RP pisses me off.

2) Not every thread is to be a fight. I know we all enjoy our little skirmishes from time to time, but sometimes, people want to respect a mood that comes about, and jumping in and ruining that, it just... ack. Please be respectful of others in a thread.

3) No solo RPing, you antisocial people, you. It's a cheap way to rack up points and makes the entire community look bad. So, NOPE.

4) At LEAST 200 words per post. In excess of 400 is encouraged. Break this rule and I will break your wrists. Plural.

5) Notify a mod/admin upon completion of your thread with another (or another few) so that they can archive it. Leaving loads of useless ended threads around makes the site look cluttered and deals a serious blow to its self-esteem.

6) Each app is to approved by one admin/mod's judgment. Another may dig it out of completion and postpone them from further RPing until necessary if they deem that to be necessary.

7) Similarly, you can't RP until you have a full approved profile. And an equipment profile too, should you use any form of weaponry or... well, equipment that's integral to your play style. Documentation is fun, guys.

8) If your grammar is absolutely appalling, work on it or I will tear you to shreds. I'm not an asshole most of the time, but if I see that there's no effort going into things, then, I will suddenly become your worst enemy. I don't mean to say that this site is to be your absolute and complete priority, but if you refuse to post to the best of your ability, you'll really irritate me. I can't do anything about that irritation, but it's generally not a good idea to piss off the head honcho.

9) Once your app is accepted, you're free to RP. But, if you're a militant character, we ask that you apply for a position in the Postings board in your respective thread.

10) For your app, yes, you can use canon characters from anime, manga, etc etc. There will be a 'face claim' section in the app where you must mark this down, no exceptions.

11) Liquid time is in effect - but please, be careful. Don't get clusterfucked.


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