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Post  Guest on Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:37 am

DOSSIER: Livus's Equipment


- Sword of Dawn
- Gracewalker/GW/Grace


- Cusped Falchion
- Semi-automatic pistol



- A cusped Falchion which are often said to be used in the older ages where magic was more prevalent and sorcery was the main way of doing combat, for those times of antiquities, technology was not as sufficient in destruction as much as magic is. One such production of an ancient pact as the legends go with the elder coven was the sword of Dawn. A bloodthirsty blade with sentience awoken by the essence of those that wield magik. Thirsting for the souls of men, and devouring them in abundance, a rightly feared blade that passed from one owner to another. All of them met horrible fates being said to have been killed or devoured by their own swords, or merely driven insane. An eternity awaits them in the pocket realm of dawn, where for an eternity they do battle, forever rotting, death denied to them as they live in a state of undeath. Not knowing why they must fight one another, only that the others are their enemies. Warriors from all epochs and ages using their trades in combat. In the later times, the sword of Dawn was proclaimed a truly wicked sword, and none of what it bestows is deserved at all, even to the enemies of whomever wields the blade. Sealed away for centuries within the temple of Dawn, a place where studies of theology takes place and the sole purpose of protecting the blade. The monks each were paladins with a touch of magik. Though this soon fell past its protection when the unexpected pirate attack from the Sky Captain Livus destroyed the place, costing him his eye when he ran across only a fraction of the sword of dawn's power, rendering it inept and slaying the user. Such a blade has become nothing more than an average sword, albeit a sharp one, with no residue of magik, only an unnatural void when one reaches out for it. Only showing a semblance of wakefulness when it sinks itself into the flesh of a sorceror, but otherwise becomes dormant. Such a sword is 60 cm for the blade, with a handle long enough to be held at length that fits the size of both of Livus's hand. But it can be wielded with one just as well.

- Custom tailored pistols with illegal modifications made to turn it into a hunting handgun. 13mm caliber and rounds with rifle-like pointy bullets to penetrate through armor, with top notch made illunium steel, handy for durable steel with a weight neither too heavy but neither too light, just the right amount. With jeweled sides that increase the value, as it boasts gas operated machinations, with steam exhausts to help balance the recoil after every monstrous shot as the gases direct downwards and so does the force, which follows a principle of driving away the muzzle climb from the typical upwards, to actually go downwards, having a clockwork-like machination inside, which is to say the weapon Livus has, is by no means Aenian production. Some speculate it is made by the rebels, as it bears the famous mark of the gunsmith, Tybauld R. Rosnault, a man who is famed back in his day when he was alive in making exemplary dueling pistols. Having gone into the market of making semi-automatics, a rather experimental technology at best with so many that prefer to stick to the tried and tested flintlock and revolver firearms. The result in this experimental venture were these two called Gracewalkers, often shortened to merely Grace, or GW's. How Livus has gotten a hold of these pistols is unknown, but they have been seen on him from as long as the times he pirated. (Pistol resembles Lugers vaguely, with a heavier barrel.) It functions with magazines and both pistols have 12 rounds.


Livus's stuff Swordo10
Livus's stuff Pistol10



Quickdraw: Livus can pull out his pistols in a moment's notice wherever they be, aim it just as fast with precision, and unleash lead with relative impunity.

Swiftblade: Livus can put his quickdraw abilities towards unsheathing his sword quite fast in the spur of a moment.


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Post  Opal Hutchinson on Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:12 am

Might use Rosnault for some history later, if you don't mind, but for now...



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