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Barius II, Damian Cain

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Post  Prophet Barius on Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:05 pm

DOSSIER: Imperial Combatant
RANK: Prophet



Damian Cain Barius II






Crown District, Aenias City


November 5th, 9 AR


To come later.



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At about 6', Damian is hardly a man that one would really want to try to mess with. He would be considered handsome, what with his short and messy blonde hair, and captivating golden eyes. Square jaw, toned body thats hardly obvious, cigarette dangling from his mouth... What isn't there to enjoy? He even is usually dressed rather dapper when not in formal garb as a Prophet. When he's relaxed, he can be found wearing a white button down shirt, black vest, black bowtie, black slacks, and some nice black loafers. On occasion he can be spotted sporting some spiffy blue sunglasses. His voice is a lower tenor when he's speaking to you, and a harsh roar when he shouts. Some have claimed that his smile is rather charming as well.

Sure he sounds pleasant enough, except for the bloodstains. Too often Damian can be found after pommeling the shit out of some poor fuck, his knuckles bruised with speckles of crimson on that pure white shirt. Those long fingers tighten and clench with the strength of steel before pulling back for another punch, another blow. That calm face is gone, and replaced by something of a demon or a beast. His cigarette is gone, and broken on the ground. Surprisingly enough, he is a hard man to love.


HIS FISTS. No seriously, he would prefer to use his fists than anything else.


Brass knuckles



+ He can be diplomatic... usually... >.>;;
+ Managing to contain his anger. It'd be bad if he didn't.
+ His overwhelming self-confidence
+ In bed ;D
+ Remembering faces.
+ Getting shit done.


+ Short-tempered
+ He's rather blunt usually, or candid.
+ He does need his cigs. And he goes through them fast since half of them get bent/broken before he goes flying into a rage.
+ Remembering names can be hard.
+ His faith in people is rather.... weak.


Damian might as well be a wild beast when it comes to fighting. He sometimes uses guns, but he really doesn't prefer it. He likes feeling the bone and muscle bend and bruise beneath his hand. He likes to hear the crunch as he breaks their bones because you know what? They probably deserve every single pain that he gives them. It's also why he prefers blunt weapons and melee weapons as opposed to guns as well. You really are... connected with the hits you are dishing out. You are right there with the kill (if thats what the situation calls for).

When it comes time to show people he means business, he doesn't hold back. He fights with all he's got, working out any rage or frustration that has built up while either dealing with whatever shit head that got him pissed off in the first place, or what he's tolerated up to this point. He punches, he kicks, he feints, he headbutts.... He might as well be a Pikey boxing champion.


Damian is a tightly wound spring ready to strike out at any poor fool who happens to say just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. Everybody knows he is a hot-head and unforgiving when someone calls out that rage. Thats just a fact of life, and he won't deny that he is certainly the one to shoot first and ask questions later. To him, diplomacy can only take a person so far before it fails or ends up getting filibustered into submission. That whole two house parliamentary bullshit that he's heard whispers about? God does it sound like it'll take for fucking ever. While he holds the utmost respect for Roman's and their creation of decorum, he prefers some of their other discoveries/ways of life far better.

Despite popular belief that he he's all brawn and no brain, Damian is actually quite an intelligent man. He just has no patience for ignorant fucks that seem to prefer wasting his time as opposed to actually DOING something with it. He gets impatient when people can't keep up with his train of thought or anything and that only adds to his ever seething anger. But he has learned how to control it at least a little bit (though it remains extremely difficult). If he needs, or wants, to be the level-headed diplomat for a while, he can do it.

If someone can manage to get close enough to him and be able to deal with him if he ends up pissed off at someone else, they get to meet a man who has an understanding of the world that would surprise them. He has insight into peoples wants and hopes for their country. And frankly? He does actually give a damn. He does want to make his country better, he wants to maintain the balance that they currently have managed to create. He just wants to be able to have all the fun he can alongside it. He's an egotistical bastard that questions others abilities to do a better job than him. He loves that whole religious nonsense that claims he is a vessel of the words of their "God." Heh, means he's an extension of that god after all! But does he actually believe in it or not? He is never really clear on that, just like he isn't really clear on a lot of things. So in the end, he's a rather complicated man.


Damian Cain Barius II, a regal enough sounding name for a regal enough man. He was born into a noble family that lived in the nicest of districts in Aenias city. He was one of those oppositional defiant children who was always giving his parents or nanny some kind of trouble whenever they needed some kind of order. He'd let the dog jump on his bed, he'd play in the mud, he'd end up in school yard fights... But oddly enough, those fights weren't because he started them. They were because people came to fight him. It was always over some kind of stupid shit, and soon enough he had earned the stripes that he would continue to carry as an adult. You could almost say he was some kind of Spartan child who was prepped for the fight.

Much to his parents dismay, he didn't get much better during middle school. While his grades soared ever upward, his attitude "stank." He had only one or two friends, and sometimes he wondered if they were really his friends or not. They were just some kids he saw getting picked on and went in to help them out. That was something he couldn't stand, seeing others get bullied. It was only then that he began to actually start fights. At least now when he explained the situations to his parents, they seemed..... a little more understanding. They didn't like that he was still fighting, but they at least appreciated that he was fighting for a better reason (as if self-defense weren't reason enough).

In high school and college, the ladies seemed to flock to him like moths to a flame. He wasn't really complaining, but god... some were just shallow and dumb as a turd. Not to mention whenever he broke up with them they always cried so much. Hell, some tried to get their brothers to fight him. That never ended pretty. Despite extracurricular activities, he remained one of the highest ranking students in his school and achieved valedictorian before excelling even further into college. His overall attitude seemed to have improved despite the surge of hormones that came with puberty, and so his father believed it was finally time to train him to take over as Prophet when the time came. Boy did Damian hate that shit. Sure it was fun to be able to have a third of the power to decide what was going to happen in their city, but man.... politics also sucked. All people seemed to do was talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk his fucking ears off. How did anything get done in this town?

Not surprisingly, his father was assassinated about a year or so after he graduated from college leaving him to pick up the pieces. His mother seemed resigned to whatever fate had left for her and watched as her son joined the highest of ranks in their country. She was both proud, and sad for him. She could see the rage that was boiling beneath the surface. She had always been able to see it ever since he was a child. But Damian did his job, at least as best as he could while NOT getting too annoyed at the idiots that were around him.



So there comes a point where Damian gets pissed beyond reckoning. It is at this point that his punch seems to gain the strength of two to three men and his opponent goes flying in a rather anime-esque sort of way. It is terrifying to witness.



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- The Complicated Man


Vi, Raven, something.


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