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Post  Prophet Irassos on Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:30 am

Niko/Livus and I on MSN:

(19:04) Ross - Sorry you: You wouldn't happen to have a certain Trance on MSN, would you?
(19:04) Miams: Yep, indeed I do.
(19:04) Ross - Sorry you: Well
Lemme tell you a little story
(19:04) Ross - Sorry you: About three, four years ago
Trance and I RPed together on a little Digimon forum
Up until his leaving the second migration in late 2010/early 2011
(19:05) Ross - Sorry you: So I, having created this new site, decide it might be a good idea to talk to him about it, considering we've RPed together
and I ask him on the offchance if he likes FMA
And immediately, his retort is 'Wait, wait, tell me you're not a member of MDA?'
(19:06) Ross - Sorry you: and I just respond with 'O_O'
He says he RPs on a Bleach site with someone who talks a lot of praise about MDA
(19:07) Ross - Sorry you: '(17:49) Ross - Sorry you: Wait, good writer or bad writer?
(17:49) Trance ...: Good writer, but extremely humorous and satirical.
(17:49) Ross - Sorry you: Definitely Niko'
(19:08) Ross - Sorry you: Small world, eh?
(19:08) Miams: Small world, eh?
(19:08) Ross - Sorry you: ...
(19:08) Miams: *JINX
(19:08) Ross - Sorry you: that was creepy
(19:08) Miams: You owe me fifty points.
(19:08) Ross - Sorry you: are you my subconscious running on a proxy?


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