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  • The North

    The North of Thibudis includes many locations. Amongst them are the Alterian Mountains, and a settlement within them, Farokon, to the west. In the southeast reaches lies the majestic Aenias City, from where the prophets rule. Rumours also tell of a great Silver Wall, and beyond it, the settlement of Ryuhi.
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    Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:39 am
    Eshara A Day in the Life
  • The Midlands

    The Midlands of Thibudis include the third-biggest city across the lands in the east - Yataris, and the appropriately-named Yatarian desert not too far off. Due to the volatile climate of the lands, Yataris doubles as a port town at times, being right on the edge of a rather grimy little bay. The land is barren, flat, and oft branded a wasteland. In the south lies the Eulvian Wilds, a vast, expansive forest.
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    Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:06 pm
    Rodrigo Salazar Thieves' & Assassin's Guild Hideout
  • The South

    The South of Thibudis, the wider, more temperamental and calmer of the regions, holds many small settlements and features. In the horizon off the south coast lies Mt. Invis, a volcano. To the northwest, connecting with the Eulvian Wilds, is the Deepthorn Jungle. Further south, and west even beyond the jungle's territory, along the coast, lies Port Victory, a large town and the only point of contact with the Havens. But furthest south, beyond the massive savannah which separates the lush western grass and the dry eastern peninsula is Sabrie - the second-largest city in all of Thibudis, where it's rumoured an allegiance is being forged with the sky pirates alongside Elisa Castillo, the Sabrian Prime Minister... to mount a rebellion against the Empire.
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    Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:01 am
    Kida Armitage Fish in a Barrel
  • The Peninsula

    The Peninsula is the strip of land far east of the southern savannah, where Dawntown, along the eastern coast, resides, and Dusktown barely to the west of it. A widening strait filled thick with nasty critters separates the savannah from the coastline, an which sits in an almost anomalous and volatile climate.
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    Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:41 am
    Aurora Shir When the Day met the Night...
  • The Havens

    The Havens are what some consider to be the ultimate vacation location. Only accessible from Port Victory, it lies three days' travel southwest of Thibudis - at the very least - and is split into four different segments. It's run by TCL Director Salvatore Falzone and is by many considered to simply be a massive island resort, home to over 30000 choice individuals at any time. The Director is the uncle of Ill Fortune's current mayor, and The Havens continue to remain privately funded, guarded, and neutral to a T despite possessing a small army.
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  • The Sea

    The Thibudian Ocean is a vast expanse of water, uncolonised completely bar the Havens, an archipelago far southwest. The massive island is alone in the sea save for one more small island which is rumoured to have once held an ancient city, Avelus, supposedly lost to the sway of the sea itself...
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