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Castillo, Elisa (Finally Done) Empty Castillo, Elisa (Finally Done)

Post  Elisa Castillo on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:45 pm

DOSSIER: Sabrian Combatant
RANK: Prime Minister



  • Elisa Castillo (born “Ruby Hutchinson”)


  • Female


  • 31


  • Claims Sabrie as birthplace, actually Prophets' Dominion


    October 9, 409 A.R.


This is optional.



Castillo, Elisa (Finally Done) 697481


Elisa stands at about 5’8”, And is a rather strange sight to behold. On the surface, nothing seems odd about her. Fair skin, long black hair, hazel eyes. But there are many aspects which make her stand out. Her clothing, usually, is of finer material, upper-class, as you might say. Flowing dresses and tailored suits, all made to catch the eye and put the focus on her. As a civilian, she puts emphasis on drawing the spotlight away from others, perhaps to allow her to grandstand more effectively, or be more memorable.

Even the way she holds herself is strange for a Sabrian. Even among the upper levels, she seems more refined than the rest. Although she’s largely adopted the Sabrian way, it’s the little quirks that suggest there’s something more to her. The way she holds herself while sitting at a table, the way she walks, talks, the wording she uses, all just slightly off. She’s normally a kind and gentle person when interacting with the public, with a soft smile on her face, warmth in her eyes, and a soothing tone in her voice.

It’s not always a time to talk, however. When the fighting starts, she takes on a whole different demeanor. The clothing she wears is practical, offering as much protection she can afford for as little weight as she wants to add on. Gone is the elegance from her walk and movements, replaced by something more primal, brutal, sinister. Gone is the soft smile and warm look in her eyes, and instead a stoic expression and focus in her eyes. Unlike her diplomatic style, she even seems to employ weapons intended to intimidate, as well as kill. A grenade launcher and a two-handed axe strapped to her back, a one-handed axe strapped to each thigh, and a satchel of various grenades swinging from her side.


El Toro: A two-handed axe.

El Corcel: A break-action grenade launcher.


Los Cuernos: Two one-handed axes. These are strapped to her thighs when not in use.

Grenades: Elisa makes regular use of grenades, which she keeps in a satchel.
  • Dynamite- Sticks of dynamite, modified with a mechanical timing mechanism.

  • Steam- Grenades that release steam to create an effect similar to a smoke grenade (can’t see through it from one side to another; reduces visibility inside the cloud).



  • Full of energy. Although normally calm and collected, she can release energy when she needs to, usually in bouts of bloodlust.

  • Intelligent and educated, a scary combination at times.

  • Strategic and analytical mindset. She sees the big picture, and how it came to be and where she wants it to go.

  • Silver tongued. Her upbringing has led her to be quite versed in the art of debate, and shows considerable finesse when it comes to talking.


  • Little endurance. Though she’s usually good for a burst of energy, this is often shortlived, and leaves her at a disadvantage in prolonged fights.

  • Passionate. Although normally calm and collected, she has fits of emotion where she lashes out with reckless abandon.

  • Tactically lacking. While she sees the big picture, she often overlooks the smaller pieces and how they come into play. In combat, this is represented by her brutal attacks, as opposed to the finesse she shows in debates.

  • Overzealous. She’s protective of her country and what it stands for, to the point where she’ll defend its actions, even for the worse.


    Elisa presents herself as a sophisticated woman, using social finesse and charm to avoid sticky situation, even avoiding direct confrontation if she can afford to. Yet that doesn’t describe her fighting style at all. She’s quick, swift, and brutal, storming in with heavy weaponry, intending to finish the fight as soon as possible. Simply put, when she initiates, she’s out for blood, plain and simple.

    She’s a close-combat specialist, preferring to do the dirty work herself when it comes to physical altercations. Closing the gap relatively quickly, she judges the situation from a tactical standpoint, making efforts to deal as much damage as possible. Unlike how she usually is, she tends to be reckless when in combat, taking risks and gambling in ways that she would normally scold others for doing.

    She is not only limited to melee combat. She makes good use of grenades and explosives, she makes others operate under her conditions. Incendiary grenades and dynamite force people to move, while smoke grenades block line of sight and restrict vision while inside the cloud. With her grenade launcher, she can either keep people at a comfortable distance, or try and keep people within reach.

    The longer combat goes on, the more reserved she becomes. As the initial rush of adrenaline wears off, she begins to lose her edge, which is when she has to focus on getting out of combat, hoping to reengage at an appropriate time.


    In many ways, Elisa is how you expect her to be. Along with her grand, elegant appearance, she acts in an appropriate manner as well. She is calm, cool, and collected, exhibiting patience beyond the point of many people. In debates in particular, she’s known for keeping those traits even while going up against the most stubborn of foes. This is because she likes to wait, sometimes in hiding and other times taking the full brunt of someone’s words. Any verbal attacks she makes are small and subtle, and hopefully go unnoticed by either the individual or the crowd. Then, when they overextend or drop their guard, she strikes, unleashing a torrent of controlled anger and hatred, beating her opponent down in as civil means as possible.

    In public, she’s warm and nice, always smiling and brightening up the room. She is a woman of the people, after all, and thus pays equal respect to all her citizens, no matter how poor or downtrodden. Problems of theirs are problems of hers, and, thus, problems of Sabrie, a train of thought that she holds to heart. Or, at least she claims to.

    Elisa is, always, a manipulative person. What she tells someone is only what they need to know, or at least what she deems fit to share. Educated, and trained on the streets of Ill Fortune to read people, she has a tendency to tell them what they want to hear, rather than what she wants to do. When called out, she has a plethora of excuses at her disposal, and has a tendency to stonewall people getting too nosey.

    Behind closed doors, when she can afford to, this façade disappears. While intelligent, she’s much more willing to vent her rage at other people, or in unorthodox ways. Her warm demeanor is replaced by a cold and calculating individual, focused intensely on the Prophets. She is a woman of reason, however, and as such is willing to make compromises in order to achieve her long-term goal.

    In combat, a different woman is seen. Instead of the conversationalist, the thinker, or the manipulator, she takes on a different aspect: the rager. While she takes on a stoic expression, she tends to not say much, instead releasing all her anger and frustration for a short period of time. She throws caution to the wind, and, as such, begins to act before thinking. Soon, though, she seems to regain control of herself, and begins to back off to wait a moment and reflect on the new situation she had thrust herself into.


    In the year 409 A.R., Prophet Irassos gained a daughter. Christened Ruby Hutchinson, she was met with disappointment and skepticism, two things she you quickly learn to expect from her parents. Being born a woman, she didn’t constitute as the heir for Irassos’ position, should the worst happen to him. That meant that, ultimately, she was unimportant to the grand scheme of things, but Irassos did see potential in her.

    At age four, she gained a little brother. Having an heir, Ruby’s purpose became clear, and her fate sealed: she was to be little more than a tool to be used by her father. Her training intensified over the years, focusing on her strength and dexterity. Her education was better than what most had access to, but was specialized. Combat, war, exercises in perception and observation. These were not the lessons she wanted. She wanted to be like her father, meeting people, debating, going to lavish parties. But none of that would be had. She was going to be a warrior, a personal assassin for her father, someone that he would come to trust to get the job done.

    Her relationship with her younger brother was shaky at best. She felt some resentment towards him, getting trained for a role she so desperately wanted. Although she had occasional interactions with hi, they were few and far between, and she felt that he had found a sister in that Eshara girl.

    A few months before her twelfth birthday, she was rushed out of her home. She was going away, she was told, to continue her training elsewhere. No, she didn’t need to pack. Everything would be provided for her. No, she couldn’t tell anyone. No, she couldn’t say goodbye to her parents. Yes, her father knew. Quietly, she entered a wagon with several other people. They travelled for days, keeping a low profile. Little conversation was made, and Ruby was left only to her own thoughts. Despite being her first trip outside of the city, it was boring and exhausting. Hours under the hot sun, with little food or water. She was beginning to fear that they were going to kill her someplace away from the public eye.

    She soon wished they had. After several days, the wagon arrived in Ill Fortune. “Just picking up some supplies,” they said. The moment they stopped, the knocked her out. While she was unconscious, they stripped her of any and all personal belongings and money, leaving her with a simple set of clothes, a rusty axe, and a note. Quickly dressing herself, she read the note.

      This is your next stage of training. You have one set of clothing, and a small axe. Your goal is simple: survive. If you’re alive when we come back for you in six years, then you’ll be ready to serve your father.”

    Although the note was unsigned, she recognized the writing as her mentor’s. Picking up the axe, she was determined to make it out of the city alive.

    Unfortunately, complications arose for her. Not only was she alone and barely equipped, she was unfamiliar with the city. After wandering around for a few days, she finally made it to the edge of the city, figuring she would escape and start life somewhere new. However, whenever she tried to cross the city limits, she found that she couldn’t. Something compelled her to stay in Ill Fortune, despite what it would mean for her. It dawned on her that she had no choice in the matter.

    Her time in Ill Fortune was frantic and exciting, if filled with pain and fraught with danger. Her early days revolved around simply surviving, which involved a crash course in trial by fire and pickpocketing. She eventually caught the attention of a small gang, not through skill, but by holding her own against several of their enforcers. Somewhat baffled by the girl before them, they were thankfully more impressed. Elisa, in return for a cut of the various hauls and protection, found herself as a new enforcer for them.

    The gang, however, was short-lived. Gangs were created, assimilated, and wiped out on a daily basis. As the months past, she let go the formal methods that were taught to her, learning that rules and regulations in combat would only get her killed. She learned to fight hard, fast, and dirty, and exercised terrifying displays of brute force and a severe lack of mercy for her foes.

    Over six years passed when her mentor came to retrieve her. Word quickly spread that a group of people were searching for her, so she did the sensible thing: she met up with them. Her mentor seemed surprised that she willingly came to them, but quickly regained composure and congratulated her on completing her training. “To survive in ill Fortune, you need to be clever, quick, and ruthless. You being here shows that not only have you learned and honed those skills, but you’ve very much mastered them. You’re ready to serve your father.” To serve him how, she asked. “You are to be your father’s blade, his assassin.”

    A sorcerer stepped up, explaining that he would release her of the spell that kept her tied to Ill Fortune. The process was quick and painless, which she in turn thanked them for. Though, as soon as they turned their backs to her, she began attacking them. In a few short moments, it was all over. With the spell lifted, she could freely move about again. Taking into account that the only people that not only knew who exactly she was, but that she was still alive, were just killed, she could take on a new identity.

    Ruby soon settled down in Sabrie, under the name Elisa Castillo. She quickly began work anew in the lower levels, doing what she did best. However, as the years went on, she began to take a greater interest in politics. Her underworld connections allowed her access to information privy to a select few, as well as blackmail material. By twenty-three, she was getting her start in Sabrian politics, and began working her way up – both figuratively and literally.

    At twenty-seven, she rose to power as Prime Minister in Sabrie on a platform of change and equality. To move forward in this world, Sabrie had to strike against its oppressors, the Prophets. Within a year of gaining office, the war had begun, and she has kept at it, wanting revenge not only against the dictators ruling over the land, but her father for seeing her as little more than a tool.



  • Level 1: Charging Bull- A cold wind blows across the battlefield when Elisa starts running. With El Toro in tow, Elisa rushes forwards with a startling burst of speed. In an instant, she rams into her target. Those unprepared are knocked onto the ground or into a wall, whereas those prepared or with a good sense of balance are merely staggered for a short moment.

  • Level 2: Messing with the Horns- Gripping Los Cuernos tightly, their blades crackle in electric energy. She then releases a flurry of swings at any opponents around her, all little more than a blur to the naked eye.

  • Level 3: Purge the Wicked- The blades of El Toro ignite in a yellow flame, reflecting the rage within Elisa. Slamming it into the ground, a cone of fire erupts from the axe, creating a cone ten feet wide and ten feet long.

  • Level 4: Shockwave- Raising El Toro into the air, the ground seems to tremble beneath her. Slamming the blade into the ground, a small shockwave is created, rupturing the earth ten feet around the impact point, knocking away anyone else in the radius.

  • Level 5: Sabrian Rage- Targeting an area with a simple smoke grenade, the Sabrian artillery fires on her location. After a delay (her next post), rounds begin to screech down, bombarding the area with explosive shells. The signaling smoke must be deployed in an outdoor environment.



[b]Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin[/b] ||| [i]Lin[/i]


    Axe Crazy




    None at the moment.

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Post  Elisa Castillo on Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:25 pm

Finally done.

I know the personality's weak, but I can improve upon it if needed. As for her finishers, I thought a slightly supernatural element would be fine, given her heritage. However, I'd like to state that if any Finishers are unacceptable, I'd be willing to drop them just to get this character off the ground and into role playing.

Other that that, it's at your mercy.

Elisa Castillo
Elisa Castillo

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Post  Opal Hutchinson on Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:14 pm

Pretty much got the feel for the finishers I wanted, nail on the head.



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