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Post  Kida Armitage on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:05 am

DOSSIER: Skyrate!
RANK: Skyrate



Kida Armitage






Sabrie City


October 3rd, 414 AR


+ For the lulz: Cherry Bomb



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She's a girl whom is just slightly above average in her height, 5'7", though she only weighs around 150 lbs. Despite her height, she'll still wear very slightly heeled boots just because she likes the style and they are comfortable. Besides, she's not going to complain about gaining a couple of inches you know? Just as long as she can run in them, because given her interests, she needs to. Her blonde locks hang just a bit longer than shoulder length, in reality closer to shoulder-blade length instead. There is a slight wave to them, and she has straight bangs that almost seem to work around her glasses so her one good eye can see.

Ah, her eyes. Or, eye, rather. It is a beautiful gold in color, warm and sometimes fiery. It doesn't matter that she just has the one, it conveys all that she would want it to. Ah, yes, then there is her other eye. It is completely missing, hence why she wears an eyepatch over it at all times. She could wear a monocle as oppose to glasses, but she prefers having the full frames. She believes it looks better that way. She does have a curvy body, though not too much so, but she does have her scars from failed experiments with explosives and battles. She doesn't try to cover them up with makeup or anything since she doesn't really seem the point in it.


+ Cherry Bombs - She loves these little tiny explosives and the punch that they can pack. Her standard carrying amount is at least 15.


+ Clockwork Pistol - If she absolutely has to, she'll resort to using this pretty baby. It has standard pistol range and packs enough punch to be enough for her.



+ Making explosives
+ Getting along with people
+ Negotiations are a personal specialty
+ Drawing (technical blueprints or for pleasure)
+ Impromptu combat
+ Playing the harmonica
+ Taking command if she has to.
+ She's street smart. Five-finger discounts are her friend~
+ Enjoying Life


+ Secretly she is kinda self-conscious about all of her scars, though she tries to not let it get to her too terribly.
+ When she looses her patience, it isn't pretty.
+ Though she wears glasses, the prescription isn't too strong thankfully. Mostly for a focusing issue.
+ Tattoo's. Not necessarily for herself, she likes other peoples. They can distract her.
+ She hasn't had as much schooling as others. Her knowledge lies... elsewhere.
+ Her impulse control can be lacking at times.
+ She'll sometimes rant on and on about technical stuff involving her explosives. It's to the point that she may forget who she is talking to, or about what.
+ She has an inherent distrust of police.


So cherry bombs. Explosives. EXPLOSIONS IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!! That is what Kida loves to see in a fight. You can bet by your pretty floral bonnet that she's going to be fighting with at least fifteen little cherry bombs on hand that are hidden in an assortment of places on her body. There may or may not be one hidden in her missing eye's socket... ANYWAYS! She prefers throwable explosives to ones you have to set up and detonate, but she has used those before when necessary for jobs. They do create wonderful distractions after all. What you can also count on is her having a bright smile whilst these explosions go off.

But when she's out of her favorite little spark balls, she does have her pistol. She's accurate despite her singular eye, and even if she runs out of bullets, she is completely unafraid of beating you to death with the grip if she has to. It's solid wood for a reason! She also realizes that even if she doesn't make a bullet hit flesh, creating enough of a distraction to get a good swift kick or punch in is good enough to take someone out! She fights in a way thats comfortable for her, which means it isn't always quite predictable what she'll do. She might run, she might charge or feint, or she just might throw something at you.


You won't find someone with more of a free spirit than Kida Armitage. She loves her freedom more than anyth--Ok that isn't true at all. What the girl really adores is explosives. That will give her more of a pleasure rush than chocolate. She is extremely passionate about any form that explosives can take, but especially cherry bombs. As she would say, "They are just so freakin adorable!" She doesn't see the difference between the small explosion that sends a bullet firing down the barrel of a gun from one caused by C4. In a sense, you could compare her to an adrenaline junkie.

There is one thing that she knows very well, and that is understanding what force you are dealing with. Due to her accidents with some experiments for her darling explosives, she knows full well how dangerous a material she is working with. She applies that knowledge towards her combat as well. You can't underestimate an enemy. You have to know how they fight, what sorts of artillery they may or may not have, where they come from. In other words, she believes in putting all the pieces together. You don't rush in head first when it comes to a fight, or an experiment. Sometimes these things happen and thats when you can't lose your shit. Saying, "I just didn't know" is a terrible excuse.

Perhaps she is especially this way because she is a part of a crew. She considers the Skyrate crew of the SS Emerald to be her family now, and she would do anything and everything to protect them. While she does have a natural defense mechanism of humor and deflating fights, that doesn't mean she won't push back or hate fighting. Hell, she loves a good bar fight at times! She just prefers to see people working together, especially when they should get along like on a crew. It makes her right pissed off to see friends fighting over something stupid and being blockheaded about it. So she'll step away for a moment, cool her head, then talk to them individually about it. If that doesn't do anything, then she steps back and lets them settle it since thats how things should be in the end.

One thing she won't tolerate at all though, is someone being cruel for the sake of being cruel. She's experienced that enough with her scars that when she sees such bullying happening, any friendliness disappears from her and she becomes rather... dark. Her facade is carefree, and loving life, not caring what people might say about her. And yet.... deep within her, she can still be sensitive about her scars. Its a weird paradox that she doesn't fully understand herself, but she tries to overcome it as much as she can.

So what can you say in the end? She's lovin' life, her friends, and her bombs. Just meet the girl. Then you'll know her better.


"How did such a nice girl like you get caught up in explosives?" That is a question that Kida hears a lot from people whom have just met her. Her answer? She smiles, laughs and shrugs lightly, responding with, "It's in the blood I guess." Surprisingly enough, that is closer to the truth than she realizes.

Kida has always been a child thats been on her own, known how to take care of herself when push comes to shove. She grew up in an orphanage around other little shits who knew just about as much as she did which was nada and zilch. They learned how to steal food and coins at a young age when they weren't playing some kind of fantasy game in the orphanage where they all lived. There were only three people in charge; the headmistress who was a middle-aged woman, a cook who was a guy trying to find his place in the world, and a teenager who was the headmistresses daughter. There was a strong sense of family amongst all of them, and they were taught that their freedom and independence were one of the most powerful things in their possession. So what if they didn't have parents? They had each other!

Well, the orphanage got shut down when she was eight years old, and they government tried to send them all of to some nice foster homes. Pfft, that hardly worked. Most of them escaped and disappeared into the streets, taking over an old abandoned movie theater as their hideout. They stole for money, and some of them got involved in the Syndicate. Kida wasn't among them, but that was how she first ended up exposed to explosives. She went on a run with one of the Syndicate kids and they ended up in a pretty dicey situation with some angry John's. Flash bangs got used, and she ended up thrown against a wall, sent into unconsciousness. Don't ask how, but something really hit her deep there besides the explosion. She woke up in their hideout with a couple of older kids standing over her, dabbing up a few light scrapes she got. They were Jonas and Ines, and they helped change her life.

Besides getting her out of there before the goons could get her and turn her over to the cops, they had some connections of their own. They were both eighteen and could get the orphans some aid on the sly. Jonas also worked with his uncle who owned a gun shop, and that was the man that Kida instantly wanted to know. "Teach me how to make things go boom!" She demanded in a squeaky eight year old voice, bowing to the man sitting relaxedly in a chair none too far from her. She was instead greeted with a slap on the head with a newspaper. "Idiot. Start small first. Understand what it is you're working with. These ain't toys you know." He didn't ask where she came from, why she wanted to learn, or anything like that. He just made sure she understood the consequences that could come of her actions. So she did start small. She started with understanding how gunpowder worked, the different chambers of different guns, the different kinds of ammo's. She ended up working there posing as his niece and getting money for her friends back at the movie theater. Some of them got snatched by the cops while they were out stealing, but they still held strong together.

Once she was thirteen, Jonas' uncle was satisfied with her knowledge and introduced her to a pyrotechnician he knew. That was where the real fun began for her. She learned how different chemicals burned different colors when mixed together, the different ratio's of gunpowder that could affect the size and power of an explosion, what components were put in fireworks to achieve certain effects... She did gain a scar on each arm during this period of her life, but she didn't care. She was a sponge absorbing all the knowledge she could about these fantastic little bombs! Mal was the pyrotechnician's name, and he told her that she was a real natural with their work. He hadn't seen anyone take to it like she did. Man... she was so happy! Their family was growing, some of them were beginning to get jobs... What could go wrong?

But all wasn't well in paradise. When she was sixteen the cops found their little band in their hideout and raided them. Some had forged their work papers and got caught so went off to trial. Others resisted and ended up in the hospital with minor injuries. Kida? She had some little friends she had been working on with Mal the day before and she wanted to test them out. So she threw them at the cops when they chased them up to the projection room where she had gathered the majority of them. They weren't just the same kids from that orphanage, they had newbies with them. There were young children whom they found on the street or were kicked out or ran away, teenagers who were probably going through a rebellious stage, some were even hiding from their parents because of things they didn't talk about. Kida wanted to protect those that were left. So she threw her cherry bombs down the stairs when the police came up and kicked through the door. They were more powerful than she initially expected. Besides taking two officers lives (three since one succumbed to injuries later), she had been a bit too close and was again thrown back like she had the first time she had encountered an explosive. That was where she got the rest of her scars.

This time when she woke up, it was a week or so later with bandages wrapping her wounds. She didn't have a right eye anymore, and she was alone in unfamiliar territory. She was in a hospital bed, surrounded by pristine white things and strangers faces. Police were there, doctors were there, and a woman wearing a prim black suit. She instantly was wary of them. But it hurt her to move so she was unfortunately stuck with them. They questioned her about where she had learned such things, where she had gotten the materials, and how they had been living on the streets for so long. "By living. How do you think?" They didn't find her answer as amusing. They left and came back when she awoke later. Again, the same questions. She wouldn't give up Mal, or Jonas and his uncle, or Ines. She wasn't a snitch, and she hated how these guys seemed. All smarmy and stuff. Once she was almost fully recovered, they took her to a separate room and left her with two officers who proceeded to interrogate her again. They knew she didn't know her rights. Weeeell.... One of them mentioned her scars and how that would affect her future with boys.... aaaand she MAY have lost it a bit. She leapt over the table and tried to claw his eyes out. It caught them by such surprise that she did leave a couple of marks, but no lasting damage. She was placed in a special kind of kids prison after that.

The next two years were absolute hell for her. She was trapped in a place that had padded walls, weird food, terrible sense in clothes, and people who talked to her like she was fucking eight. They kept trying to make her right, make her conform to the mold of a normal child. But she didn't want to follow their rules. She wanted to go back to the life she had, to the life with her family. The minute she turned eighteen, they had to let her out and re-evaluate her. Upon hearing about this, she put on her best behavior and was released. With her freedom restored, she did wander around the streets searching. What was she searching for? Any of the things she lost. She had no home, no friends, no work, and no way to make bombs. She ended up signing with the Uprising since it was the only really logical way to get what she wanted. And what she wanted was to be able to at least make bombs again, maybe find a way to track down the other kids that she had lived her life with.

That lasted until she was 23 which is when she first encountered the Skyrates. She instantly knew that was where she belonged. After talking it over with her superior officer, she was allowed to leave to join one of their crews of the skyrate fleet since they were still all one big force essentially.



Triple Cherry Swirl ~ 1
As the title would imply, it is three cherry bombs that are wound together by their fuses. They do contain some different kinds of metal stars to achieve different firework effects besides packing quite a kick. It is three cherry bombs together after all.



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Not sure of what to put for rank, so i just have it as "Skyrate" for now. PM me if you need it changed. Other than that, just remember to be reasonable with your explosives.

That is all.

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