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Post  Aurora Shir on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:29 am

DOSSIER: Sorcerer; Syndicate
RANK: Ascendant



Aurora Shir








September 21st, 413 AR


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The first thing you notice about the young woman who stands before you, are the striking gold eyes that stare at you with an intensity you wouldn't expect from such a pretty girl. She's only 5'5", how dangerous could she be? She has to weigh only... what, 140lbs would be your first guess. She really is quite a looker though. Petite, cherry lips with a delicate nose above them; that gaze seeming to fill with emotion before emptying moments later. Her black hair is cut short, almost like a bob except for the bangs that frame her face on either side. They have just a bit of a wave to them, making them oh-so-tempting to slide behind her ears.

You notice that she generally has a wardrobe filled with black clothes with maybe hints of color here and there. Tonight she is sporting long black gloves, a black dress with a rose at the base of one of the straps, and black boots with only a slight heel. Honestly, she really does seem harmless. Her voice is quiet and sweet, the hint of a rosy sort of perfume hitting your nostrils.

But thats just what she wants people to see. In reality, Aurora is far from the damsel in distress, her muscles more sinewy than bulky in her form fitting dresses. If you lift up the skirt of her dress, you'll find a knife holster strapped to her thigh, and another is hidden in her boot.


The girl does love her knives, though her main weapon of choice is a combat knife.


Karambit knife with small spikes on the handle that is like a knuckle duster.



Telepathy: The reading of minds, and projection of thoughts/images/etc.


+ Observant of her surroundings (including people)
+ Quite the convincing actress
+ Dancer
+ Can cook a few dishes
+ Leader to the core


+ She's actually rather shy
+ Slow to trust
+ She has a soft spot for her younger sister, Evaline.
+ At times, hearing everyone elses thoughts can be rather debilitating.
+ Men make her nervous when it comes to personal situations


Aurora is very impromptu when it comes to her fighting style. It isn't that she hasn't received any training for it, she absolutely has, it can just be a blend is all. Following a style precisely can only get you so far at times. Sometimes it seems as if she's been trained in Krav Maga, and other times it almost seems to have more of a pirate effect. She is precise with her strikes, and quick to deflect other blows. If she throws her knives, which isn't often, her accuracy is usually at least 85%. She'd be more prone to throwing her karambit knife than her combat knife. She'd prefer to have her weapons in hand as opposed to elsewhere, but it does depend on the situation.

If disarmed from her daggers, or unable to draw them, she uses her legs to kick and arms to block. So in that sense, she follows more of a tae kwan do or capoeira. She utilizes what is strongest in her body and uses it to her advantage. If she is in a fight, she will try to use her telepathy to disorient an opponent, or to know what move they might use before they attack.


While Aurora doesn't advertise that she's a telepath very often, for those that know her best understand that she tries to be as respective as possible when it comes to peoples personal space. She will erect barriers in her mind to block out the whispery thoughts that just leak off of people during the day to day. But if she needs to delve, she will delve without hesitation. Especially if you are an asshole that she needs info from now. If she has to fry every last synapse you've got, she'll do it. Other than that though? She is as respectful as she can be. And yes, she does still like to hear people say/explain something even if she could just read their mind to know it.

Thats a good lead in to another main feature of our dear Aurora that people know. She is a sweetheart. She is loyal to her people, does what she can to keep them taken care of and happy, and boy does she come down with a vengeance on those who have done her or them wrong. She really is a people person despite her quiet and introverted nature. People are fascinating. How they react, their choices, the variety in which they come and go, their vices and virtues, the list could go on and on. She can just have some difficulty getting close to people is all. Its that whole reaching out to people and letting them in that is so very hard for her. To fully trust a person.... there are only a select few that bear that honor. Everyone else has their own place along the line that is within her head and heart.

But there is a certain faction within humanity that makes her most nervous, and that would be men. To put it plainly, men make her nervous. If a man can win over her trust, especially her complete trust, they are a solid human being. She can work with them with little to no prejudice, its just more.... personal matters that bring up her walls the most. She is a straight woman, but.. well... yea. When it comes to a date, she is shy and even less-extroverted than normal. It does not matter she can know instantly if a guy likes her or not (in fact that could make it worse at times), it has the same effect.


Aurora has always been a quiet girl, even when she was a child. She would be the young child hiding behind her mothers skirts when introduced to strangers at a house party or something of the sort. She would whisper a quiet 'hello' while peeking her head out to look at them with a single eye. Her parents were good to her, and were happy with each other. They made enough to keep their small family happy while they lived in Dusktown. She did her work, she did what she was told, and she rarely questioned the normal enough life that she had.

At least... until her mother was kidnapped and raped when she was eight years old. One day her mama hadn't been there when she got home, and her papa was still at work. When he came home, he asked her about her mother and she told him that she hadn't come home yet. That was normal enough in itself, until she wasn't home at around ten in the evening. At this point Aurora had gone to bed like a good little girl, but she was awoken when she heard her papa making some phone calls. Initially she was confused as to what was going on, creeping on her tippy toes to the top of the stairs to peer down through the railing down at him. He was pacing impatiently, and he was nervous. He was so nervous he was crushing one of the pretty ties that mama had gotten him as he twisted it through his sweaty hands. The words he was saying didn't really make sense to her, they were too hushed with only the occasional raise in volume. In the end she went back to bed, confused as to what that could have meant.

The next morning her papa told her that she wasn't going to school that day. When she asked why not, he said, "Because we need to stay here to welcome your mama when she comes home." This confused her, her mama hadn't come home at all the night before? Now that was rather odd. So he made them breakfast with trembling fingers before they took some time to play a couple of games together. It took a few days for something to happen. Maybe it was then that she realized something was special about her because she could sense the men at the door before they knocked. Her father practically jumped up at the sound that came a few seconds later, walking briskly to the entry way. What greeted him were two policemen with somber looks in their somber suits, the young Aurora slowly padding over to see her father was getting teary eyed. What in the world was going on? With little to no explanation, they got dressed and were off to the hospital where the somber men told her her mother was. That was her first taste of the real world.

Over the next few years her mother was hardly the same person she used to be. She was jumpy, shaky, and quiet. Her laughter used to fill the house along with her singing, but not anymore. She startled whenever she was touched unexpectedly from behind, and Aurora asked her about it finally one day. After all, when she first returned to them, she merely accepted the explanation that had been given to her. But she was thirteen now! Surely she could know the truth at this point. Her mama even seemed a lot better this year! So she asked her, and she got the full answer. She learned how these men snatched her mama when she had been walking to the bus stop, how they had knocked her out with some kind of gas and took her somewhere. She learned how her mama woke up strapped to a bed naked, and the events that followed. She learned then that life wasn't the pretty picture she always thought it to be.

During high school she became more extroverted than before, easily fitting in with certain crowds while carrying around that knowledge she had gained a year prior in her chest. Her parents put a tighter leash upon her, the independence she once knew now far more restricted than before. She couldn't stay out past a certain point, and they almost didn't let her go on school trips to Dawntown where she got to see the sun. More and more she began to notice that she could hear whispers in her mind, especially during tests (which was rather helpful). Her little sister was born when she was sixteen, and that seemed to bring light back to the life that had darkened just like their town. Evaline was a delight, and Aurora took to her immediately.

The years passed by and the family blossomed along with their daughters, growing a bit pained when Aurora decided to travel elsewhere for work. Along the way she experienced the good, and the bad of life. She wrote to her family, only occasionally visiting. Through a series of events, she met and became involved with the Syndicate, at this point fully aware of the powers that she possessed. She could read peoples minds, and it was both the greatest, and worst thing, ever. She has proven quite the valuable asset to them. Right now she's working more so she can get her family to move into the sunlight where they belong.


~Mind-Reading~ 1
She can conduct light scans of a person's mind for information. Now as a rule, she usually has to keep up mental barriers to keep whispy thoughts out of her own head, but those come down when she conducts these scans. In order to do deeper scans, it requires a lot of focus considering she's usually fighting against the person for that information. Sometimes she doesn't end up getting what she wants, or maybe her concentration gets broken. Sometimes it helps to be in physical contact. But if its a lighter scan, it is usually easier.


~Break~ 1
She can pull hard within a persons mind, essentially attacking a persons synapses. Symptoms can include disorientation, headaches, and in rare cases (given her current level) very minor memory loss. She only uses this if she has to dig deep within a persons mind and they are resisting rather strongly. Another instance would be interrogation or torture. After all, it does hurt like a bitch.



[b]Baccano/Katsumi Enami[/b] ||| [i]Chane Laforet[/i]


- Queen of Spades


Vi, Raven, something...


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Post  Alicon Savat on Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:01 pm

Everything is WONDERFUL, exceeeept...
While mind reading is cool and all, it's also a tad OP. ^^; So perhaps try toning it down a tad? Some suggestions would be to have her focus in order to read minds, instead of just easily being able to. ^^ Otherwise, all is well. Nice FC btw. xD

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Righty-ho, seems you've fixed everything. ^^ Lovely app, so BAM! Seal of approval!
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